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SAIL – Uganda ( Spread Awareness Information and Learning in Uganda) is a registered Non-Government , Non profit making Organization (NGO) with the National NGO Board. SAIL- Uganda was started in May 2005 by a group of human rights activists who initially endeavored to promote and protect sexual and reproductive health rights of PHAs under the HIV Post Test Club arrangement at the AIDS Information Centre (AIC). SAIL- Uganda has in the recent past specialized in the Health Information packaging and Dissemination Using a unique approach called “Edutainment” or otherwise called “Theatre for Development” or “Popular Theatre by others”

Free Consultation  (256) 392-894990    Available 24/7

5620 HIV Tested

Number of people counseled and tested for HIV and referred for further support to referral centers of their choice.

205,452 Condoms

Condoms distributed through the sensitization programs organised by the SAIL-Uganda team

372 Drama Sessions

Using a unique approach “Edutainment” or otherwise called “Theatre for Development” or “Popular Theatre by others”

Last Five year statistics

Year 2015 - 2019 ( '000 People Served)

In pursuit of its mission and vision, SAIL- Uganda has ispecialized in the Health Information packaging and Dissemination Using a unique approach called “Edutainment”.

We have provided so far

  • Sensitised communities through drama
  • HIV counseling and Testing
  • Distributed Condoms
  • Conducted referrals
  • School Outreaches
  • Armed personel sensitisation
Since Started
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Meet Our Management Team

Providing strategic leadership and direction at SAIL Uganda

He coordinates the planning and implementation of SAIL Uganda programs and the mobilizing the required resources

Semanda Jimmex

Programme Director
He provides guidance of the training function at SAIL Uganda,

Kajubi Lasto

She leads and coordinates the provision HCT services and care services, so as to ensure that the services are in accordance with established polices and standards.

Namara Harriet Teddy

HCT Coordinator and Advocacy
He supervises and coordinates the data collection and entry activities regarding the clients we have served. He carries out on-going monitoring and evaluation of SAIL Uganda operations to provide strategic information and feedback necessary for ensuring effective implementation our programmes.

Wadada Richard

Monitoring and Evaluation Officer

Read about our Success Stories

Selected from Key activities, events and programs

Jan 08
The Covid-19 pandemic outbreak and indefinite closure of schools and community gatherings has affected social behavioral change communication through community theatre for SRHR & HIV prevention and improved health among…
Jan 07
Recently, SAIL Uganda reached out to 2000 market vendors and 1000 customers within 20 selected markets. Using audio recordings, the organisation delivered correct and accurate prevention messages on prevention and…
Jan 07
Following the national COVID-19 lockdown that was iimplemented by the Ugandan government as a way of preventing the spread of the pandemic, commercial sex workers were among the category of…

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