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In pursuit of its mission and vision, SAIL- Uganda has in the recent past specialized in the Health Information packaging and Dissemination Using a unique approach called “Edutainment” or otherwise called “Theatre for Development” or “Popular Theatre by others”

This approach of performing Arts scores very highly in interventions with a behavioral change objective. Unlike other approaches, Edutainment among others has several advantages;

  • Ensures a perfect blend and balance between education and entertainment so as to attract and captivate the targeted audience to comprehend the intended key messages, appreciate the need for change and there after, not only commit themselves to the change but also promote it
  • Socially and Culturally closer, friendly, and therefore acceptable to both young and old people,literates and illiterates
  • It communicates with less mental fatigue especially in community settings characterized by illiteracy and poor reading culture.
  • Creates both visual and Audio lasting impressions, thus enabling it to communicate beyond language barriers
  • It is flexible and therefore makes the target populations actively participate and contribute to the change they want
  • Has the power to transmit intended messages to a bigger number of people at ago resulting into instant conversion of messages into action when people get inspired by what others are commenting and / or doing SAIL-Uganda now conducts the following activities:
  • Activities and / or programs

    1)    Health Information packaging using Performing Arts (Music, Dance, Poetry, Drama i.e community drama,radio drama,films and Life testimonies ) on HIV and AIDS emerging issues and to help young people make informed decisions about their lives, targeting organized institutions (Schools, markets, Factories, etc) and local communities (behavior change communication)
    2)    Reach out to and advocate for the rights of interest/vulnerable groups; Children (OVC), women & girls, PHAs, PWDs, etc.
    3)    Conduct Cancer Education, Awareness campaigns and Mobilize communities for Cancer screening.
    4)    Participate in national and/or international HIV/AIDS events. We weave art pieces (plays, songs, poems, dances) in line with a particular event’s theme/slogan which we present to the invited guests.
    5)     Promote HIV prevention, care and support services by conducting HIV counseling and testing (HCT), community sensitization and mobilization and also cooperation with other stake holders namely AIDS Health care Foundation (Uganda cares) for HIV rapid test kits and supplies this contributes to the National HIV strategic plan.
    6)    Distribute cotrimoxazole for prophylaxis to every person who tests HIV positive.
    7)    Promote, educate and distribute male and female condoms in the community.
    8)    Community dialogues on emerging issues.
    9)    Collect and distribute Information Educational and Communication (IEC) materials to the appropriate communities.
    10)     Identify and give appropriate formal referrals to people from targeted communities to other specialized institutions for further HIV Post Test support management.
    11)    We follow up HIV positive clients to their referred Health Units and track if they have received appropriate services.
    12)    Building capacities of target communities in the integration of Performing Arts for conveying and sustaining prevention of; HIV/AIDS, Cancer and other Non-communicable diseases.
    13)    Advocate for access to HIV prevention services for older persons in Uganda.
    14)    Conduct Post Test Club activities.


We Always Try to Create a Difference in the Communities. We Welcome Volunteers from around the world.

Performing Arts

Performing Arts scores very highly in interventions with a behavioral change objective.


Our Programmes rely highly of partnerships and donor funding. We therefore welcome partners to come and support our activities.