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Background to SAIL - Uganda

SAIL – Uganda ( Spread Awareness Information and Learning in Uganda) is a registered Non- Government , Non profit making Organization (NGO) with the National NGO Board – Registration Number; S5914/6149. SAIL- Uganda was started in May 2005 by a group of human rights activists who initially endeavored to promote and protect sexual and reproductive health rights of PHAs under the HIV Post Test Club arrangement at the AIDS Information Centre (AIC). These were young individuals formerly under the post test club of The AIDS Information center who had gained skills and vast experience in community mobilization and sensitization using performing Arts for over 15 ( fifteen years). These members had one common denominator i.e. they all knew their HIV status regardless of whether negative or positive.

Why SAIL-Uganda?

In 2003, both Dr.Noreen Kaleeba and Dr. Mulema conducted a study within The AIDS Information Centre, to evaluate the structures and activities of the Post Test Clubs (PTC). One of the findings was that it wasn’t sustainable for AIC to maintain and fund activities for all the registered members over time. The major recommendation was that the membership in PTC be made transitional so that members are only allowed to stay with in PTC at AIC for not more that 2 (two) years, after which such members should go back to the communities where they came from and if possible form similar associations. It is therefore on this basis that a group of members who had stayed in PTC at AIC Kampala for more than two years have made this effort to form SAIL –Uganda.

The registration of SAIL-Uganda as an independent NGO has however not stopped our good working relationship with the AIDS Information Centre – Uganda (AIC). We still promote the same values, where all members of SAIL-Uganda are members of the Post Test Clubs and that for a person to qualify to join SAIL-Uganda as a member; one must have tested for HIV irrespective of ones sero-status from the HIV test results.